Core Program in Stabilized Compositions and Delivery System
We own the US and Canadian patents for our INParT drug delivery system (“Delivery System Patents”) and certain related technology regarding stabilized proteins. Further, we own the patent applications for our acne technology and plan to file our patent application with for wound healing in the US and Canada in the fourth quarter of 2010.

Our Delivery System Patents relate to our core program in stabilized compositions and a delivery system for those compositions. The Delivery System Patents provide extensive protection for both the method of making the active stabilized protein composition and specific active protein formulations of botulinum toxin. In addition, two patent applications are pending in the United States which substantially mirror the inventive concepts which have been granted patent protection in Canada. We have also filed a corresponding European Patent application (EP 06705123) with claims that are broader in scope than those granted or pending in Canada and the United States. We are entering into the national phases and are currently selecting those countries in which we will seek national patent protection.

In all cases, we own the intellectual property associated with our products, methods and compositions. In addition to the issued patent and the pending patent applications, we are in the process of obtaining several additional patents at both the core level and the application level relating to additional stabilized compositions and their use.

The core patent and the patent applications consist of the following:

Area Patent Applications Key Applications Status
Stabilized Composition 1/4 Provide stabilized composition at room temperature with long term shelf life Granted – CA
Granted – US
Delivery System 1/4 Delivery of composition using nano-technology Granted – CA
Granted – US
Pending – EU
Topical Administration of anesthetic proteins 1/4 Delivery of Botulinum toxin and related protein structures Granted – CA
Pending – US / EU
Solubilzed Benzoyl Peroxide Topical drug formulation for treatment of acne Pending – CA / US