The INParT Drug Delivery System provides a novel, commercially viable trans-dermal and non-invasive drug delivery technology that enables delivery and absorption of active compounds through the stratum corneum and throughout the skin and sub cutaneous tissue without any cutaneous toxicity. The technology is proven to be working clinically by world renowned Aesthetic Plastics Surgeons and Dermatologist.

The technology is proven very effective in delivering molecules like crosslinked HA (Sodium salt of Hyaluronic Acid) which is very effective dermal filler, Botulinum Toxin for treatment of facial wrinkles and hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating disorder), Topical anesthetics e.g., Lidocaine, in treatment of melasma (Hyperpigmentation and darkening of skin), age spots removal or fading, and treatment of Acne vulgaris.

The following animation explains how our novel drug delivery system works;

INParT Drug Delivery System

  • A novel and commercially viable and practical trans-dermal, multi-layered nano-particle drug delivery technology.
  • Preserves the bio-activity of the original molecules without denaturing or chemically altering them.
  • Enables delivery into the skin through to the corium layer without any skin damage and toxicity.
  • Stabilizes the actives (shelf stable at room temperature for extended period of time without refrigeration).
  • Needle Free – (truly) pain free and non-invasive.
  • INParT is composed of FDA approved excipients (ingredients), a formulation, who’s process as well as a delivery technology, is highly adaptable to most high molecular weight drugs, proteins, peptides and insoluble hydrophobic molecules.
  • Capable of delivering more than one therapeutic agent at a time.
  • Offers high market value by featuring maximum functionality at minimum system complexity and cost and is easily scalable to any size.
  • Nano particles are made from combinations of micelles (surfactants and protein solubilizers), coated with lipid molecules.
  • Nano particles size – less than 1-10 nano meters (smaller than the skin pores).
  • Nano particles physically entraps active without any changes in the chemical composition.

The application of micellar (lipid vesicles and non-ionic surfactant vesicles) systems in cosmetics and for therapeutic purpose may offer several advantages:

  • The micelles suspension is water–based vehicle. This offers high patient compliance in comparison with oily dosage forms.
  • They possess an infrastructure consisting of hydrophilic, amphiphilic and lipophilic moieties together and as a result can accommodate drug molecules with a wide range of solubilities.
  • The characteristics of the micelles formulation are variable and controllable. Altering vesicle composition, size, lamellarity, tapped volume, surface charge and concentration can control the vesicle characteristics.
  • The micelles may act as a depot, releasing the drug in a controlled manner.

Other advantages:

  • They are osmotically active and stable, as well as they increase the stability of entrapped drug.
  • Handling and storage of surfactants requires no special conditions.
  • They improve oral bioavailability of poorly absorbed drugs and enhance skin penetration of drugs.
  • They can be made to reach the site of action by oral, parenteral as well as topical routes.
  • The surfactants are biodegradable, biocompatible and non-immunogenic.
  • They improve the therapeutic performance of the drug molecules by delayed clearance from the circulation, protecting the drug from biological environment and restricting effects to target cells.
  • Micellar dispersion in an aqueous phase can be emulsified in a non-aqueous phase to regulate the delivery rate of drug and administer normal vesicle in external non-aqueous phase.

Rationale Behind the Development of the Topical Toxin Cream

We have addressed the disadvantages of Injection Therapy by creating a proprietary Botox® stabilization and delivery system through a trans-dermal topical formulation/cream. This proprietary process will eliminate the pain and discomfort of injections and costly visits to the cosmetic surgeon or physician’s office, and produce similar benefits to those obtained through using Injection Therapy.

Botox® was FDA approved in 2002 to temporarily treat wrinkles in areas around the eyes and forehead. Although Injection Therapy can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles for most users; it is not appropriate for all skin areas such as the throat and neck areas, areas surrounding the mouth, near the eyes, and hands. Injection Therapy may cause bruising, bleeding and infection. Other adverse side effects can occur in most injection-treated subjects. Further, repeated Injection Therapy treatments can lead to permanent paralysis of facial muscles leaving the face expressionless with many potential complications.

We observed that the majority of subjects concerned with the signs of aging are reluctant to incorporate frequent expensive injections as a solution, which prompted our search for developing methods of Botox® delivery without use of painful needles. The development of TBT delivery creams and lotions as an anti-aging mechanism was the outcome.

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