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Transdermal Corp is a development stage specialty biotechnology and novel drug delivery technology company that develops novel topical products to treat diseased and aging skin. We seek to improve health and facial appearance and aestheic look and creating value for patients and medical professionals.

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Company Overview

Transdermal Corp is a development stage specialty drug delivery technology company whose mission is to strategically out-license novel, candidates to treat aging skin and skin diseases like psoriasis, eczema,  nail fungus, Acne and hyper pigmentations (melasma) by aggressively advance their development and maximize intellectual property and therapeutic applications, in order to create market-leading products for out-license or commercialization. We seek to improve human health and appearance through non-invasive pain free enterprising initiatives, serving the collective interests of patients and medical professionals. Transdermal Corp is committed to a holistic approach to drug and device development, realizing that maximum value creation emanates from the flawless execution of strategically designed development programs.

Transdermal Corp’s core competencies include a team of professionals with years of experience in developing and commercializing healthcare products. The individuals comprising the Transdermal Corp team have played a critical role in securing the US approval and launch of six OTC products. Specific expertise includes novel drug non-invasive, pain free topical drug delivery technologies, novel topical formulations, pharmaceutical science, project management, regulatory affairs, quality assurance, clinical development and commercial operations. In addition to our core team, Transdermal Corp is advised by a broad network of technical and commercial experts, as well as practicing physicians and key medical opinion leaders.